Thursday, October 8, 2009

And your name is...??

So, first date I have been on in months. He is the first interdude that has crossed my path that i have been interested in a while. So, Johnny Angel and I decide to meet for drinks. I was pretty excited. He was cute, had a good job, and seemed to have a great sense of humor.

Unfortunately literally right after we sat down with our first round of drinks...


yup. I'm an idiot. I apologized profusely and explained that i had no idea where it came from and how embarrassed i was. He seemed to laugh it off but it was buzzing in my head for the rest of the date.

Other than my diarrhea of the mouth, the date seemed to go well. Aside from the inevitable, me: fire, them: water, we have a lot in common. I think i like this guys so hopefully he can get past my folly and call me for a second date... ugh.. fingers crossed.