Friday, December 12, 2008

Office Holiday Partys-- BEWARE!

I know this is not really dating related, but...

I just want to say... i know we all like to cut loose and kick back and our office holiday partys. And thats fine! I love seeing people outside of the office and being able to hang out. HOWEVER.
It is not a good idea to get totally loaded and shake your nasty vag in a small Persian mans face with 50% of your office watching. Probably also not a good idea to take your dirty vag home with him.

In addition. I dont really care how late it is, and if most of the people have left for the night. There's still quite a few coworkers there, watching. Just waiting for someone to act like an idiot. So you can try to sneak off to canoodle with some jackass in the corner. but everyone saw you two macking on eachother.

Finally, please dont sneek off up to the rooftop with the cute married guy from the 3rd floor. We all saw you two sucking face. Dirty whores!!

And everyone was talking about you the next day.. and now look.. someone is even blogging it. Lucky for those hookers they dont read my blog...

Monday, December 8, 2008

water water everywhere, not a drop to drink

God we need some new men. Went out for a bit this weekend. Nothing but drunks and idiots....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Just call me Carrie Bradshaw, for this week at least

We all subscribe to certain theories in our lives, like "All you need is love", or "It gets worse before it gets better". I would have to say that I fully believe that "When it rains it pours", and this week ladies, it's raining men, hallelujah it's raining men, amen! After several months of little to no excitement, coinciding with my grad school schedule, I finally have some action rolling in. Between yesterday and Tuesday I'll have 3 dates in a row that have not been called dates, but we all know when it is and when it isn't. That's absurd, especially given my schedule, but I'm okay with that. It's time to have some fun, maybe make out a little; who knows.

Date 1; Sunday [My beloved best friend and I tend to nick-name our men, not on purpose but it just happens. So we will call this young man IQ.] Years ago, a delightful young man asked the aforementioned best friend if I would go on a date with him. I had a boyfriend at the time, but IQ remained somewhere in the back of my mind because a few weeks ago we began talking again. He's actually smart, so that's always refreshing, and he's been pre-approved by many close confidants of mine. Last night we had dinner and a tour of his school down south, and I may have, for the first time in a long time, developed butterflies in my stomach. I quickly sent him a post-date text, which I tend to do. I'm crushin' a little bit on this one, and from the texts I learned that the feeling is mutual. I'll see him next week over break, and I'm going in for the kiss. Get 'er done.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

And then there were 5....

Maybe I should take it as a compliment that five of my former flames showed up to celebrate my 22nd birthday. To me, it means I've done a good job staying friends with my exes and I haven't had horrible breakups. But damn if it wasn't awkward when #5 showed up. Everywhere I looked there was someone who had probably seen me naked, or at least touched my boob, and that's really never good. Luckily there was no drama, and although I didn't anticipate any fist-fights, it would have made the evening even more memorable. The moral of this story; stay friends with your exes, but don't overdo the invites.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Im in a drought

Well I left the online site I had previously written about. To be quite honest there was just no one interesting on there.

Stay tuned for a guest author that talks about her recent birthday party and how 5 of her ex's were all in the same room!

Since I appear to be in the dry land, feel free to take a look at my other blog. If you like fashion you will probably enjoy it! Its something I can actually write about regularly.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Experience in Online Dating

My mom always thought the dating sights were a good idea because of the prematching and because you can feel out a person before actually committing to going on a date with them. Basically she thought is was a good choice for someone like me who is very picky.

I've been on Match, eHarmony, and most recently something call okCupid. eHarmony was the first one I shelled out the money for. Let me give you a little tip if you are wanting to sign up for any of the paid membership sights: There are always coupons! Just google coupons, or discount codes for the site you are looking at and you will find some sort of promotional code. No point in paying full price if you don't have to!

I talked to a few people on eHarmony. The problem is, you can't search through profiles. You only get what eHarmony matches for you. Where's the fun in that? Women are known to choose the wrong men! I only went on ONE date during my membership. Of course, actually going out and meeting someone in person was a big step for me. I think its the fear all people have when they meet someone online for the first time: Will he look the same as he does in pictures? Will there be awkward silences? Will he pay?

Well my date went well and we had planned to see each other again. However, business trips come up, and busy work schedules make it hard to connect... blah blah, never saw him again...

Months later, signing up with Match I was excited and feeling optimistic that I might find someone worthwhile. It was actually looking good. I even found a super D list reality star on there! Still nervous to have face to face interaction, I went out with only one guy of the few I was talking to. We actually went on a whopping 2 dates before I realized he's one of those perfect on paper guys but we were just meant to be friends... and still are to this day!

..If you have the money, this is the dating site I would recommend.

Most recently, as in on Sunday, I was bored and decided to give online dating another try. Being that the economy is horrible and I would rather spend my money on shoes, I searched for a free site. Up popped okCupid. This site is kind of cool. There are millions of questions you can answer that help to find you best match. They give you match percentages (70% match, 20% friend, 10% enemy). Yes, they break it up into 3 categories. You're either a match, a friend, or an enemy. As of now, I haven't been lucky. I've talked to a few people. But quite frankly, I think most of the members on there signed up for 'casual encounters.' That's all and good but just not for me. Literally, this guys started chatting with me and based on his profile he looks like a porn director.

If you like to prescreen, online dating might be great for you. But you will have to face the reality that you may actually have to meet these people in person at some point.

I'll keep testing the waters but personally, I'm an old fashioned gal when it comes to meeting people. Bars, concerts, and friends of friends.

On a non dating related note...

I am very happy that Obama won. I don't like to get too much into politics but I think he is going to do a lot for our country, in a good way. What a historical day it was!!

On another note. I think it is total crap that prop 8 passed in California. The gays should have the same rights as everyone else. How can you tell someone that they cant marry the person they love. Its ludicrous!!

That's all!

this is my single blog

A single girl in her 20's may not have a hard time finding a date in Los Angeles, but finding one to write home about is another story.

This is me. I am a single girl, in my twenties, living in Los Angeles, and looking for love in all the wrong places. I've had my share of douche bags, mafioso's, wannabes, and blind dates. The good thing about all of the (i won't say losers) but, 'non winners' is that they always make for good stories the next day. I love these stories. I love getting coffee with my friends the morning after a first date and laughing about the silly conversations, the looks, and the oh so important first date kiss.

Here I will document this journey a-la Carrie Bradshaw of finding love, lust, or whatever comes my way in the bright lights, big city metropolis of Los Angeles.

These our the stories of our single girl lives.