Sunday, March 28, 2010

Green Dating, Part 2

After much rescheduling, 5-O and I finally met up for a little reunion. Something I call, tales of first dates, part deux.
I think we were both a bit nervous. It did feel, odd. But after a couple bottles of sake, we were good to go. Overall it was nice. But i felt like I could take it or leave it. There definitely wasnt the same spark or excitement there was with round 1.
We will both be 'celebrating' our 'anniversary' in Vegas in a few weeks. Not sure how that's going to go. Dont really care. Ill be with my girlfriends and a ridiculous ratio of men to women, all cops of course.
Should be a good story.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Its a Recession, Why Not Recycle?

Man it feels good to have the upper hand! Im not sure what came over me, but 5-0 and I have been talking, and he is quite excited about that. Its rather entertaining. Asked me to dinner right off the bat! This should be good. Lets just hope no feelings come over me when I see him, otherwise I am so out of there.

I say, put the past in the past, and have fun! Im a 23 year old woman, time to live it up! Love it!

In more recycling news, Comic Book Guy invited me to some fundraiser on Sunday. After contemplation I decided to go and he totally bailed. Never heard back. He always does this. Such lamesauce considering he has made quite the effort to hang out with me.

Stay tuned!