Monday, October 17, 2011

Remember when we used to blog?

It was a fun time, but it's not so much fun being single. If you asked a girl what show was a super supporter for the single lady, Sex and the City would undoubtedly come to mind, and I love Carrie and the gang (I'm a Charlotte) just as much as any 24-year-old. But, in the end, three of them get married and an entire movie is devoted to two marriages and the dissolution of a long-term relationship. It became less and less okay for any of these strong, independent NYC characters to be single, and as we grow older the pressure becomes more palpable. Luckily, my two older siblings aren't married, so I'm not even on my parent's radar. Others, not so lucky. To all of you who are getting the third degree or the poor, unfortunate souls (Little Mermaid) looks from your loved ones, pull a Samantha and tell them to suck it. I will.