Sunday, May 23, 2010

Location Report: Venice

We all know i love a good bearded man. There is no short supply of these hairy cuties in Venice. But I warn you BEWARE!

Venice Beach: Cute guys, that are douchebags.

Oh, and your first clue should be when he says he lives a couple blocks away. Because they ALL do.

Answer me this. When was the line "how protective are you of your pussy" working for you? Or how about "have you ever had a guy lick your butthole?" Que? Was that getting you action before? Doubt it. Stay away from the Brig!

The Other Room is pretty chill. I usually go during the week. But Saturday night... no. No. These guys are hot and they know it. They know it very well. LA bar scene just sucks lately.

Venice is great for some eye candy, but dont expect to meet a genuinely nice guy..just saying.

Why Bother?

Hello readers! Apologies for lack of blogging lately. Unlike paiting pimp, I have not been absent because of a relationship. I just fell off the dating wagon for a while...
What is the deal with guys texting you, maybe asking you something, maybe just saying whats up. We respond and then... nothing. What? Why the hell are you even texting me?
Oh, and how about this one. Here is the text message convo:
Him: Hey how have you been? When are we hanging out again?
You: Pretty good... umm whenever, lets hang out
Him: OK, well let me know when you are free and we'll do something

...What?? What was the point of that? Are you asking me to hang out? Then effing ask me to hang out!! Yes, Im talking about 5-0. Lamesauce
Grab your sack, and waggle it.

And we're back!

I apologize for my absence. As this is a dating blog, I haven't had much to discuss. I've been dating Superhero Gangster since January, and it's been fantastic. No drama, no hassles, nothing. He makes me laugh and smile constantly, and I have been content.

Not to say that there's nothing going on in the single world. I've been attempting to play matchmaker for several people. It's been a bit rocky. I'm not God damn Patty Stanger after all. Maybe if I keep hanging out with all the Jewish teachers I work with I'll pick up some more skills. I did have one success with Nomad. You know who you are little teacher. I will be dancing at that wedding.

One of my friends from long ago and far away emailed me the other day. She will be called... uh... o damn it I've lost my touch for nick names... let's go with Canada. Ya that's not bad, Canada it is. So Canada asked me a question I wasn't prepared for. Something along the lines of "You're always in a relationship or dating or something... why?" or "What's your secret?" I literally have no idea. I'm serial dater. I'm more comfortable when I'm in a relationship than when I'm not, and when I get out of a relationship I like to date because it helps me to get over the relationship, and that invariably leads to another relationship. And the cycle continues. I didn't want to give advice, so I just told her to allow herself to meet to people, open herself up to possibilities, and realize that when you write off people too quickly, you can miss out on a great relationship, even if it ends in friendship and not looooove.

Date on my friends!