Saturday, November 27, 2010


There is just something about musicians right?  Why are they always super sexy?  And let me just say its pretty rare to fine a super sexy, super cool, musician that has his life together.  WINNER!
Well I just had date #2 last night with Drummer Boy.  Any guesses?  I know, sometimes i just go with the obvious for these nicknames.  Our first date was pretty nice.  A fellow fan of downtown he suggested Pete's Cafe.  A delight!  To be honest it was a bit tough at first.  He seemed quite nervous and like he hadn't done this in a while.  I wondered if he would be ready to leave after our first round of drinks.  On the contrary, we ended up staying there for almost 3 hours!
The first date goodbye is so awkward.  There is always a hug unless the date goes horribly wrong and you are dashing out the door to escape.  But typically there you both are, saying your goodbye, and wondering if you should go in for the kill, will he?  Palms sweat, butterfly stomach, nervous twitch and THEN!.... it happens, like magic.  I do love magic.  You both lean in at the same time and its perfection... well almost perfection.
Date 2 was even better.  And thats all I'm going to say about that :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Warning: Twitter is Taking Over Your Dating Life

I was super stoked to finally me Cheeky.  We had exchanged some lovely emails and had a decent phone conversation.  However, our date happen to fall on a week that my life was turned upside down at work.  I was exhausted at the end of the day.  Although excited to meet him, I was pooped.  My mistake was deciding to send out a tweet telling the Twitter world just how i felt.  Oh yes, I tweet.  Occasionally, but I've been more active the last month or so.  I figure Facebook doesn't want to hear what Im doing all the time.  But Twitter.. thats what its made for!
Mid date we got into a discussion about Facebook, Twitter, etc.  After Cheeky confessed his slight obsession with the site, I admitted I too indulged in the site occasionally.  BIG MISTAKE.  As he pulled out his phone to 'follow' me, I got a flash of my latest tweet.  "Totally not in the mood for a first date right now.  Im exhausted and would much rather go home and sleep."  Panicked, I realized there was no going back.  He was in and was going to see it.  I giggled with embarrassment and explained what he was about to see.  And made sure he knew that I was having a fabulous time and was happy I came.  He laughed and seem to take it well.  We were a few drinks in by now.
Well Twitter ended up backfiring.  Its bad enough trying to get a guy to actually call you on the phone and not just text or email.  And I'll give Cheeky credit, he did call to set up the date.  However, basically all of our communication after the date was on Twitter.  Really?  This is what the world has come to?  So sad that I am even writing about this right now.  Anyway, the night was full of laughs.  But the only action I got after that was a couple tweets @cheeese.  I guess you never know.  I had a really great time, but couldn't compete with the Twitterverse!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Are You Wearing... Transition Lens's?

Alright kids, here we go, my first date back in the game.  I had several lovely emails with The Italian Heart and was really looking forward to our first date.  Sadly this guy indulged in one of my pet peeves... not planning the date that you asked me on.  Sorry guys, but you asked the lady out, you should have something planned.  Especially on a first date.  Im the kind of gal that likes a guy to take initiative!  But I digress.  I suggested the Day of the Dead festival for our afternoon date being that is was Halloween weekend.
Bad choice.
I had never been and had no idea how crazy it was going to be.  It was worse than Disneyland, we could barely walk.  However all I could focus on was what appeared to be transition lens glasses on his face.  The sun was setting so the glasses couldn't figure out if they wanted to be light or dark.  You know who wears those?  My dad.  You know who shouldn't wear those, my date.
Conversation was good.  However there was something missing.  There was no draw.  We had talked about getting together again which I was unsure about but went along with.  Might give him another try, considering the date location was so awful.  But the next day I was sure that a second try was unnecessary.  After all, I was paying for a dating service, I think I get to be as picky as I want.  Unfortunately I had bought a mirror for my sister that night and left it in his car.  I debated sucking it up through a second date to get the mirror back.  But, it was only $25 and quite frankly I'd rather not waste either of our time.
Lesson learned: Dont plan first dates in crowded areas.  Also, people can be better or worse in person compared to their photos.  Just keep this in mind.  Thats all!

Monday, November 1, 2010

On a different note...

...VOTE! It's voting day and this midterm election is sure to be a historic one. Left wing, right wing - loose wing, tight wing. Because if nothing else Dr. Seuss has taught us to rhyme and let our voices be heard! So hooray to you, voter, take that mandated time off to vote and connect some ballot lines!