Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sleepless in Seattle...

...or in my parent's house.

Okay so the last few weeks I have been having creepy recurring dreams, all of which involve one or more of the men mentioned in this blog. Example 1: Nomad is running through the airport looking for someone, and I'm running after him yelling for him not to go to Africa. I never see his face but, because it's a dream and we are all-knowing beings in our own dreams, I know it's him. He gets to the gate and I think he's going to get on, so I reach to grab his ankle but then I eat it and fall on my face. He runs onto the plane. The stewardess comes up and tells me to leave. So I'm walking away, dejected, and who taps me on the shoulder.... o ya.... you know it - Nomad. And he says, I thought you were on the plane I had to stop you.

Funnily enough this occurred the day BEFORE Thousand Oaks' native son Steve Slater slided it off the Jet Blue Airplane with a beer in hand, giving the middle finger to all involved, no longer allowing himself to be called a steward or flight attendant. Not sure what I am referring to?
There, don't say I never did anything for you.

Example 2: Only last night, this tasty dream drops in on me - I'm sitting in my old classroom with a horrible professor bla bla bla'ing and there's a knock at the door. Only I hear it and turn around, and who who whoooo is it (owl shout out for my peeps! Get it? Peeps? No? Fine). why it's Superhero Gangster, motioning for me to come out. I'm shocked to see him because he's currently two states away (I'm sad still yes) but of course I shuffle out. He just says "Hey I needed to come down so I wanted to say hi!" So he takes me to get food and then he has to leave. He gives me a hug and a kiss. He drops me back off at school and, guess what, I start booking it after the car, like a woman possessed or an antelope. I'm not sure which.

Common theme - I am RUNNING after these guys in both instances. O man, even my subconscious is in trouble.

Here's to better rest and not remembering every detail of my damn dreams.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Return of the Jedi

O hello there! It's a pleasure to be back. O wait... no it's not, because back to the blog means back to the single life. Superhero Gangster left about a month ago. He moved two states away for a new job, and didn't want to do long distance. I don't blame him. At this stage in our lives, we want to spend time with the person we're dating. Maybe once you're engaged or married you can deal with it for a while, but we dated for 6, blissful, non-dramatic months and I wound never change one thing about it. Except, him moving.

In any case, I have been dealing with the disappointment fairly normally, for me at least - I'm trying to stay busy and talk to him just once a week, text little more than that. It's hard. When you feel like you found someone who meshes so well with you, it's a bitch. And it will be for a while.

If you believe in any karmic intervention, send me some positive vibes, hopeful vibes, not so single vibes. Thank you in advance my little ones.