Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The worst thing that could ever happen happened...

…I went on a semi-blind date and I like him.

Introducing the new, the slightly awkward, Superhero Gangster. Now I must make a bit of a confession- I did not make up that nickname. This is the first time I haven’t been responsible for an original nickname, but it’s a ridiculous one so I’m okay with it. Thanks for the gem JMu.

So the story behind our meeting is a bit of a complicated one, so I will not bore all of my loyal readers, all two of you. In summary, it was a half set-up, half blind date, half disaster… or some such thing. He was great, but the circumstances were a bit odd. Nevertheless, he is the holy grail of dating – he’s tall, handsome, British, sweet, funny, smart, and we have a lot in common.

So what’s the problem? O nothing; just the guy in another continent who has ridiculously high expectations for us when he returns home… here…in a month. Siiiiigh…. Ya that guy who has been emailing me almost daily, and I’ve been doing just the same to him, and getting giddy when I get a call from a 14-digit phone number in the middle of Africa. O man…. Well all I can say is I have to let it ride. I was nervous about how to handle Ferrell and Nomad crashing into one another, and look! It worked out, it was a depressing way to have it work out but nevertheless.

And let me just say this – I feel like if you never put yourself out there, you won’t get hurt but you will never know the excitement of like and love and fireworks. I’d rather get burned by the fireworks than never know what that feeling is like.

Oh and date #2 with Superhero Gangster is tonight. Stay tuned.

So much to say because so much has happened in so little time

A lot has happened in the last month. Here’s a quick run-down: Ferrell is gone, literally. He is all over the country with work, spending less and less time in LA, and, thus, even less time with me. Apparently, I’m one of his “favorite and most respected people” he’s ever met. I guess I could chalk all of this up to bad timing – if we were in a different place at a different time, it could have worked. Actually, we would have literally had to have been in the SAME place at the SAME time. So, it didn’t work and I’m not happy about it. After five months, I acquired a lot of feelings for him and a number of (obviously) unrealistic expectations. So ya, I was upset and I still am. It sucks; whenever something ends, it sucks.

Moving on before I cry over the subject (which I haven’t done yet… quite amazing). Nomad is still AWOL, in Madagascar or the Bermuda Triangle or somewhere like that. I have been thinking more and more and probably too much about what could, should, and will happen when he returns. I know he thinks it’s not easy on his end, traveling around the beautiful places in the world without any desirable women in reach. But guess what, it’s hard here too. I have to go through work, school, and the rest while wrestling with the decision of whether I should hold out for a chance of happiness with Nomad or continue to see what is out there.

So, cough cough, maybe I’m doing a wee little bit of both.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Part 2 of Men are Predictable

I would just like to add to my point of calling a man out sends them running. A while ago I went out with Trainer I think we called him. I didnt see him again, partially because i let myself become a drunken mess (so was he) and I was rather embarrassed. But also because I had a good feeling this guy was just looking for the casual... as many men you find on match.com are.

He started texting again wanting to hang out. He was fun and I kinda wanted to see him again. But a text suggesting he come over at 11pm on a Tuesday confirmed my suspicions.
So, not really caring, I decided to test my theory again. I sent him a text saying "listen, im sorry if you got the wrong impression. But I think you are just wanting something casual, and well.. Im not."
And that was all folks!
love it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

I've Said it Once, and I'll say it again!


Call a man out on something and he goes running! I dont know where LA guys, or guys in general get off thinking that women are just going to keep their mouths shut and not speak up. Well I'm sorry (not really) but I am the kind of girl that says what she thinks.

Last week, post 'cell phone loss' Beefy was still texting me but something seemed different. He just didnt seem as enthusiastic. And when he would text me, he never tried to make plans to see me. Well this is what I say: If hes not asking you out, hes not that into you. You may have heard something similar at a recent movie.

So anyway, I was getting rather annoyed that he was keeping me on the side. No doubt waiting to see if something else worked out. So being that I had nothing to lose since I never met the guy... I called him out on that shit!!

I sent him a friendly but to the point text asking if we were ever going to meet because I'm not a sideline gal, I like to get in the game. And guess what...NO RESPONSE!

I have to tell you I wasnt that shocked. I mean really. Guys are so predictable these days.

On that note, I have no new men right now and I'd like to suggest some reading for those sad single gals out there that need to channel their inner single diva....

"How to Love Like a Hot Chick" by Jodi Lipper and Cerina Vincent

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Now there's a blast from the past...

First off, if you haven't seen Steel Magnolias, go to the nearest store where movies are sold or rented and buy it, or rent it. Then, reread the title and use the appropriate southern accent.

Everyone done that? Good, then I shall proceed to my point. So I was walking from one class to another, minding my own business, and I get a text, from Jimbo Jones. You don't know him, nor should you - it was THAT long ago. And here's the thing, we dated for a few months over the summer, but it wasn't serious. He was flaky as all hell-I stopped caring. For several months after it had tapered off, I would get a random text from him now and again, suggesting we hang out. It never happened, and, again, I didn't really care. But, Jimbo Jones had these moments when he would cease being a 25-year-old man and become an overly-dramatic, 13-year-old girl. The last time he touched base was as far back as December. He sent me a Facebook message, saying that he was going to my school for his MBA, and that he had stopped drinking. Uh... I didn't even know he had a drinking problem! That explains a lot...

So, today, he asked me to go catch up with him at dinner, on him. What the...? How do you go six months not talking to someone, at all, and then ask them out, via text? Especially since we weren't all that serious to begin with. My friend says I must just have the mojo.

O, so I said ya, but just as friends. We'll see what he thinks about that ish.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm baaaaaaackkkk!!

We all knew i couldnt stay away too long. Well contrary to what i claimed. I have in fact been on some dates and also have a new potential. Before I get to Beefy. Lets recap.

I went out with this guy I met online, we'll call him drunkard. Because thats what i think of, when i think of him. We went out for sushi. The saki bombs were flowing. Needless to say, we both couldnt walk straight after. This was the night I learned never to get drunk on a first date. Thing were broken, knocked over... I ran into my heater. It was bad. Of course he wanted to see me again, but quite frankly I was embarrassed.

After learning that lesson I knew that on my spur of the moment 'double date,' if you want to call it that, i would keep watch on my alcohol consumption. Painting Pimp called me for an impromptu meeting with Ferrel and a friend of his she thought would be a good match for me. Lets call him Ross the intern. Ross was not familiar with my recently learned lesson. he on the other hand drank, and drank, and drank. He carefully planned for me to give him a ride home which included a detour to a bar where he became even more trashed. After that he seemed to actually think I would come upstairs with him. Really? I mean really. I literally said, "you are drunk, and I am not a whore." He swooped in for a kiss and that was the last we saw of each other. Nice choice painting pimp.. not.

So that sums it up. The new guy, beefy. Well hes just that. 6'2, 240...BIG! I love it. Makes me feel small and he can just sweep me off my feet. Unfortunately, when we finally planned our date, beefy failed to appear...at all. Didnt respond to any of my texts, I never heard from him! This seemed a bit surprising to me considering how excited he sounded to meet me and hang out. I think he literally ued the words:" I want to be your man" In a semi joking way of course.. i think..?? While I was left wondering, what the hell? I of course made other plans with the ladies. To my surprise, and a bit of relief, I had a message from him on facebook Sunday morning. Apparently he lost his phone and spent the entire day looking for it. OK, totally believe you.. but would it have been that difficult to send me that email on Saturday so I wasnt wondering where the hell you were?? Laaaaammmmeee!!
Not cutting you off yet cause you seem like a good guy, but consider it strike one.