Friday, February 26, 2010

Shit or Get Off the Pot

I was excited once Zen decided to ask me on a date. Our emails had been long and full of interesting, philosophical banter. I knew this was going to be good.

Not so much. This was actually the date that almost never happened. First, enough email, I gave you my number 4 days ago, you have a phone? Use it. Second, its Thursday afternoon, lets decide when and where we are meeting this weekend. No? Ok, its Friday evening, we've nailed it down to Sunday. Granted I didnt have alternative plans flowing in that weekend, but still, he doesn't know that. And a girl likes to put something on the books. Saturday afternoon, I wonder what time and still where we will meet, still no use of the phone number and I dont have yours. Shit or get off the pot man! Finally, late Saturday afternoon a text to confirm. Of course at this point I was so annoyed I had already contemplated making an excuse, "I never heard back from you so I made other plans." Or something of that nature.

We met in a shitty dive bar for senior citizens in Santa Monica. For all I know Speakeasy Cocktail could be going off on a Thursday or Friday night, but definitely not Sunday evening at 7pm. Things did get better at TRip, where there was live acoustic artists playing. We stayed for the whole show and chatted about philosophy everything. This would have been someone I would want to continue to date, but, it just wasnt there. Sure he handsome, smart, and _______FILL IN THE BLANK. But just no spark. And quite the awkward half mouth kiss at the end of the night.

I realized this week im just not really in the mood to date right now. Maybe its the new job, maybe I just want to focus on me. But interdudes have been turned off and now its up to the universe. Quite frankly I dont want to think about it and I've always felt it best to just let things happen.