Monday, January 10, 2011

Carl Kirk

I just got hit on by someone who works at Carl's Jr. That cannot be a good sign. I got some In 'n' Out on my way home from work. T'was delicious as always! But the inevitable happened... I spilled spread all over my pants and needed to wipe them off PDQ, to avoid the stain that was sure to occur. I made a decision; one that will haunt me indefinitely. I pulled in to the CJ's parking lot (my first mistake was thinking you could get cleaner by going in a Carl's Jr). I walked into the bathroom, but before I got there I felt really guilty because I was going to use their restroom without buying anything. So I made my like 8th mistake of this story. I ordered a shake, to ease my conscience. And then... the 19th inevitable thing happened...

The guy, named "KIRK" (via his name tag), hit on my stained ass.

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